Nashville Great Books Discussion Group

A reader's group devoted to the discussion of meaningful books.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A Reader's Manifesto

The Nashville Great Books Discussion Group was begun in 1987, holding its first meetings at the Green Hills Branch of the Nashville Public Library. Then, as now, the creation of the group was meant to encourage thoughtful discussion among people interested in reading quality literature. The use of the word "quality," of course, implies a belief in the idea that some works of culture are substantial and worthy of our time, whereas others are not.

Since we are, admittedly, finite beings and our time is limited, we cannot hope to converse with the literature of every culture. Therefore, we have chosen to limit our selections to what are generally perceived to be the great works of literature in western civilization. This in no way suggests that other cultures are deficient in great works of literature; but we adhere to the principle of truly learning one's own landscape before traveling to worlds in which we are relative strangers.


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