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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Reading Schedule - September 2017- February 2018

Sept. 5 -- Knight’s Tale, Parts 3 and 4  ( The Canterbury Tales )

Sept. 12 -- Miller’s Tale 

Sept. 19 -- Reeve’s Tale and Cook’s Tale 

Sept. 26 -- Man of Law’s Tale 

Oct. 3 -- Wife of Bath’s Tale 

Oct. 10 -- Friar’s Tale 

Oct. 17 -- Summoner’s Tale 

Oct. 24 -- Clerk’s Tale 

Oct. 31 -- Merchant’s Tale 

Nov. 7 -- Nun’s Priest’s Tale 

Nov. 14 -- Franklin’s Tale 

Nov. 21 -- Physician’s Tale and Pardoner’s Tale 

Nov. 28 -- Shipman’s Tale and Prioress’s Tale 

Dec. 5 -- Plato, Phaedrus, through 241d

Dec. 12 -- Phaedrus, 241e–257b 

Dec. 19 -- Phaedrus, 257c–end 

Jan. 2 -- Swift, Gulliver’s Travels, through Part 1, Chapter 3

Jan. 9 -- Gulliver, Part 1, Chapters 4–8 

Jan. 16 -- Gulliver, Part 2, Chapters 1–4 

Jan. 23 -- Gulliver, Part 2, Chapters 5–8 

Jan 30 -- Gulliver, Part 3, Chapters 1–5 

Feb. 6 -- Gulliver, Part 3, Chapters 6–11 

Feb. 13 -- Gulliver, Part 4, Chapters 1–6 

Feb. 20 -- Gulliver, Part 4, Chapters 7–12 

Feb. 27 -- Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound 


Blogger Unknown said...

I am interested in visiting your group sometime in Nashville. We are in the process of expanding our Great Books Discussion Group here in Ann Arbor and since your group has been functioning for many years I'd like to find out more about it and possibly participate in one of your discussions. My family lives in Alabama, so my wife and I drive through Nashville on our way down there several times a year. Can you please provide me with some information about how your group works? How many participants do you have each week, or at least on the average? What is required of members? Do you have a moderator and facilitators to help the discussion stay on topic and guide shared inquiry? I understand that you meet once a week at the Nashville Public Library on Tuesday. We also meet weekly on Tuesday evenings 7:00-9:00 PM. What time does your group meet and for how long? Any information about your group or a link that you can provide me with describing in detail how your group works would be very helpful. Thanks.

Ken Preston or leave a message at our website:

4/25/2018 12:41 PM  

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